Punjab Cricket Association Stadium Pitch Report, Weather Forecast, IPL Records and Stats

Punjab Cricket Association Stadium
Punjab Cricket Association Stadium

Punjab Cricket Association Stadium Pitch Report: The Punjab Cricket Association is the authority which governs all the cricket activities in the state of Punjab. The association is related to the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The association has gone through many political and geographical changes as the time passed, out of which the major changes took place during the partition when most of the area of Punjab was given to Pakistan.

The association used to operate mainly from the residence of the Office Bearers until 1992, but in 1993 they built an world class stadium at Mohali. The stadium is equipped with many facilities hence making it a world class stadium. The Punjab Cricket Association laid their headquarters in this stadium located in Mohali.

The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium the popular cricket ground in India, which is located in Mohali. This stadium is known for hosting high profile Cricket matches including the Indian Premier League and several World Cup games, it is also the home ground of Kings XI Punjab. The stadium is also known for its excellent Batting Conditions and has one of the best Cricket pitches in India.

The match of the Indian Premier League 2023 between the PBKS vs KKR is to be played in the PCA stadium on April 1. Shikhar Dhawan will captain the Punjab Kings while Nitish Rana will be the captain pf the Kolkata Knight Riders. Both the team have strong batsmen with them who can take the advantage of the pitch during the match.

Pitch Report of The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium

The Punjab Cricket association stadium is popular for its pitch, its is one of the most famous pitch in India. The Pitch provides good batting conditions to the batsmen. The pitch is flat and the ball comes nicely with the bat. The batsmen can play good shots and can play with a lot of confidence and the pitch makes stroke making easy which makes the batter easier to hit the ball hard and run to score runs. Not only does it help the batsmen but also provides advantages to the bowlers, usually the pitch is good for the fast bowlers during the early part of game as they ball used is new, As the game is continued the pitch tends to flatten out it gets more batsmen friendly. One of an important features of the stadium is that its outfield is fast and well maintained, which means that ball when hit races towards the boundary which can make it a little difficult for the bowler.

The pitch is also affected by the weather of the place and weather also has significant impact on the pitch, During the winter season the pitch is more on the dry side as the weather is cool and more advantage is given to the bowlers and as the summer season coms the weather turns hot and humid, and the batsmen get the advantage while playing. The pitch at the Punjab cricket Association also gives an advantage to the bowlers who are spinners. We can see that great care is taken while the pitch is being prepared so that both the bowlers and the batsmen gets some advantages, and the play is fair and both the teams who play in the stadium play at an even level without any discrimination.

Punjab Cricket Association Stadium Weather Report

The Punjab Cricket Association is responsible for hosting many important cricket matches, to carry out the matches smoothly there should be no weather interruptions while the match is going on. Usually, the seasons through which the Mohali district undergoes are summer, monsoon and winter.

The Summer season starts in March and lasts till June. During the summer season the temperatures can reach around 40°C and there is very high humidity, which ca be very bothering and uncomfortable for both the players as well as spectators. The temperature tends to decrease as the day continues and reaches evening time hence the matches are usually played in the evening time to prevent the players and the audience go through the uncomforted of the weather and the temperature.

On the other hand, Monsoon season starts from July and goes on till September. During the monsoon season the Mohali receives very heavy rainfall which can lead to cancellation and postponement of the matches. Since the Punjab Cricket Association is very well equipped with the tools and equipment, they can make sure that the rain does not spoil the pitch. The stadium is equipped with a great drainage system which enables the staff to prepare the ground for the match even in the case of heavy rains and it does not take much time to complete.

The winter season starts from December and continues till February. During the winter season the temperature in Mohali tends to drop down to 5°C, this can be challenging for the players to adapt themselves to the cold conditions and the chilly weather. The players must do appropriate warming up exercises to produce some heat in the body before the match. The cold conditions can be beneficial to the swing bowlers since the air is dry hence enabling the ball to swing more.

Overall, the weather of Mohali can be unpredictable, but it is not much of a worry for the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium as it very well equipped. The excellent facilities and its ground staff make sure that the matches are not affected by the adverse weather conditions.

Review of The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium

The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium is very famous and popular for its great infrastructure. The pitch is well maintained by the ground keepers as well as the ground. There availability of floodlights makes it easier for the Day-Night matches. The dressing rooms are very big and spacious, and the staff has equipped them with every modern equipment’s and tools which may be required by the players.

The Stadium provides many seating options to the people for example open air boxes, corporate boxes, VIP boxes which are made to look after the different needs of the spectators and the seating arrangements of this stadium are very comfortable for all the spectators and it also provides a good view of the stadium. There are various food stalls set up to serve food to the spectators as well as the players. The quality of the food served is great. There is a wide range of food served including many Indian and local delicacies and international cuisine as well.

The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium has hosted many matches in the past. This stadium is one of the regular venues of the Indian Premier league, and also hosted various high profile international matches including test matches and ODIs. 2010 IPL Final is one of the most memorable matches in this stadium which was won by the Chennai Super kings. The world twenty20 which was played between India and West Indies is also one unforgettable match played in this stadium. One Main Feature of this stadium is that the Atmosphere of the stadium becomes infectious with the spirit of the people during the matches, the spectators get very passionate about their teams who are playing down in the ground. The sounds of cheering, drums and trumpets makes the match even better.

Seating Capacity of The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium

The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium was constructed in 1993, when it was built the total seating capacity of the stadium was 22,000 spectators. As the years passed many renovations were performed and many things were upgraded, Now the seating capacity of the stadium is upgraded to 26,950. The seating arrangement is divided into various blocks like VIP block, The North Pavillion Block, The South Pavillion and the general block.

The VIP block which has a seating capacity of 1400 spectators is made for high profile guests like government officials, ministers, cricketers and celebrities. The VIP block is in the western side of the stadium.

The North Pavillion block is famous for its excellent view of the game and is a popular choice for the spectators is located in the opposite side of the stadium with the seating capacity of 4500 spectators.

The South Pavillion block is also famous just like the North Pavillion block for the excellent view of the game, it can accommodate 6000 spectators and is also a pretty famous choice among the stadiums.

The General block is located in the eastern side of the stadium, and it has a capacity of 15,050. This block is open to the general public and this is the block with the most crowded area.

The Stadium is equipped with a giant scoreboard and various flood lights which helps during the Day-Night matches. It also has many practice nets, swimming pools and clubs which are made available to the players. The pitch is highly maintained and the stadium is well equipped hence making the stadium a perfect venue for hosting the cricket matches.

In overall the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium is one of the best stadiums with a well-maintained ground and pitch. It is recommended to the cricket fans to visit this Stadium if they get the opportunity.


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