10 Expert Cricket Betting Tips for 100% Accurate Predictions in Matches

Cricket Betting Tips: India is recognised explicitly in terms of sports for the intense fandom and craze for the game of Cricket. This sport is so deeply rooted in the nation that despite not being the national sport, it has a massive following in the crowd. With enthusiasm for the game, there also developed a domain for the possibility of betting on the aspects of the game. It is not easy to get accuracy in terms of predictions. It has to be observed that in order to predict the happenings of a particular match, one has to be equipped with a comprehension of the nuances of the game.

Cricket Betting Tips
Cricket Betting Tips

To simplify the understanding of the game of cricket so that you can smoothly place a bet at any time and at any instance in the game or make final predictions, we have provided 10 intelligent Cricket Betting Tips. The ensuing guidance will help you spot the main areas in a cricket match that you will have to consider before making a certain prediction. Read the subsequent article thoroughly and place a bet on a cricket match like an expert!


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Cricket Betting Tips for Placing a Cricket Bet

Placing a bet in a game of cricket can be of any format. You can either be placing a bet on the final results of a match, scores, the performance of a player, or even momentous bets. All these kinds of bets can be placed on online betting platforms as suitable to you. While there are many platforms where a bet can be placed, each platform or application has its own kind of rules, regulations, terms, and conditions for betting. It is important to bet within those terms and dynamics.

Before betting, you have to ace your understanding of the game. If you are a fan of cricket, you will just have to organise your mind in the way of the subsequent steps. However, if you are not very close to the game and still are opting to bet, just check the further guide of Cricket Betting Tips that will provide you with a structured guideline to analyse the situation and accordingly place a bet.

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Knowing the Teams and Game is the first of the Cricket Betting Tips

Before starting to bet, you will have to analyse and consider all the factors. Thus, the very first tip of the Cricket Betting Tips is to know the teams and the game. You need to check which two teams are seeing each other on the field for the match and what is the game implies for the format. The very basic knowledge of cricket is the present division of the matches into kinds of formats of cricket.

The sport is played in two kinds of formats, First Class Cricket and the Shorter or Limited Overs format the game. First Class is the game of cricket that is simply known as Test Cricket. The shorter format is further divided into T20 or Twenty – Twenty and ODI or One Day International. T20 is played in a way that each team gets a betting and balling innings of 20 overs while in the ODIs they get 50 overs. Another kind of format is being revolutionised where there are only 10 overs in an inning.

While placing your bet, you must consider the number of overs for which the team will be playing as you can predict the scores, the style of playing, strategies that teams can opt for, and the intent of the players accordingly.

Prepare a Report on the Cricketing Pitch for the Day and the Cricket Ground

Report of Cricketing Pitch and Ground
Report of Cricketing Pitch and Ground

There is a certain report of a cricketing ground and its pitch. You will have to analyse and check if the pitch favours batting or bowling or is rather moderate. If the ground is smaller, the game can be extremely high scoring but bigger grounds witness lesser boundaries. The pitch generally displays a constant nature. However, on certain occasions, it can act out of its demeanour. All this impacts the scores eventually influencing the events of the game making Pitch and Ground analysis an important factor in the top Cricket Betting Tips.

Analyse the Playing XI

Each team will choose 11 players as per the combination that they estimate will suit the game. These 11 players are known as the Playing XI. This is an important one of the Cricket Betting Tips because you will have to understand what players are playing and what kind of spirit the team shall be displayed depending on the permutation that the team will reflect. Thus, consider the team combination and balance within it very particular.

Observe the Strengths, Weaknesses, and Threats of Players

Each player has strengths and weaknesses. Further, their performance on a particular ground also has to be considered as a strength or weakness. You will have to analyse if the teams have ample amount of resources to combat the strengths and highlight the weaknesses of each other’s players. A player can be a threat to the other. You will be required to take note of all these factors for each player and view if they are cancelling out or overpowering each other.

Toss is Important

This is one of the most prominent ones of the 10 Cricket Betting Tips. There is a popular saying in the world of Cricket that goes like, “Tosses win Matches”. However, for the unversed, it is exactly unjust as tosses may play an important factor, but it does not make the decisions anymore. Earlier, dew was an important factor that used to impact the latter innings in terms of bowling and benefit the batters. Further, the light was also a factor that used to influence the latter half of the day.

Arrangements have been developed in a manner that the entire functioning system of the games has changed. The dew factor has been mostly eradicated and now, lights do not impact a lot. Nevertheless, Tosses play an important role. Depending on the pitch, a preference in batting and bowling impacts a lot. Thus, one must consider what decisions have been made by the toss-winning skipper with respect to the conditions of the game.

The Form of the Players can Impact a Lot

As we mentioned earlier, every player has a strength, weakness, or threat. In that context, the players have to be in form to display the peak of their strengths and minimise their weaknesses, gaining momentum. What is form and why it is one of the Cricket Betting Tips might be a question that will pop into your head.

Basically, Form stands for the playing streak of the players where they score great runs constantly in consecutive matches or pick up wickets without fail in each match with a few three or five wickets hauls. A player in the form will most probably put up a good show of the game. Additionally, despite form, you will also have to consider the form of the player on pitches like that and that particular ground. Statistics of the players against that particular team will also come into the scene while making a prediction.

Last Match Performance Influences the Present Match

As in players, form is important but for the team, momentum counts in. Thus, one of the Cricket Betting Tips is the team performance in the last match. It is not a 100% guarantee that a team that has played explicitly well in the previous match will play the same way too but there is a factor of domination that will eventually affect the performance in the present match. In numbers, there is a probable chance that the team that has performed well in the previous match will display a similar kind of performance if the cricket conditions are identified as a streak and an impetus are developed.

Team Performance in Format Ranking Matters or League Points Table

International Cricket Council ICC
International Cricket Council ICC

There is a ranking that is formed by organisations such as the International Cricket Council ICC in terms of international teams or there is a point table that ranks the teams on the basis of their performances. This largely impacts the chances of winning. A better-performing team in the table that is strongly balanced in terms of combination and has been consistent is likely to perform in a good spirit in the match that has to be predicted at present by you. This might seem like the most important of the Cricket Betting Tips but it does not solely influence the decision.

Cricket Betting Tips for Placing a Bet in Between the Match

This is one of those Cricket Betting Tips that are conditional. There are a few applications or online betting sites that allow you to make changes or predict in between the game. This has been also recognised as a betting feature called live bets within sports. Thus, while making decisions at a particular instance in the game, you will have to observe the aforementioned factors in allusion to the present condition of the game. Here, we intend to explain that you will have to consider what the situation is at that moment.

Understand the score and how far your preferred side is from victory. You will also have to consider what players have to come in for batting and how they might perform. Further, analyse the balling condition of the pitch and if factors such as dew are acting up. Further, make an estimation regarding the players who might bowl the remaining overs and what the innings are reflecting. You will have to bet accordingly.

Cricket Betting Tips for Making the Final Match Prediction

Finally, the Cricket Betting Tips come to an end as we sift about making the final predictions. This prediction will be made on the basis of the final analysis of the aforementioned tips. You can also refer to experts of the game who deliver their personal predictions before the matches. It is suggested that you carefully refer to them but to an extent that you compare their thoughts with the fact and figures and then eventually make your decision as per your understanding.

Let us know about your valuable thoughts on the Cricket Betting Tips in the comment box below!

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