Paytm Betting Sites In India

Paytm Betting Sites In India: Paytm is one of India’s most talked about and trusted digital transaction wallet systems. This application has revolutionized the whole digital payment scenario in India. It is one of the most preferred systems; whether you are doing any online transaction in a mall, or departmental stores, paying on the websites like Flipkart and Amazon or if you are scanning a QR code in local Kirana shops you will always find a Paytm payment option there.

Digital Payment and inception of Paytm

If we talk about the growth of the digital world in India, it is immense. Perhaps, India is the only country where the digital revolution is going on. With the beginning of a revolution called digital India, people of the country are being educated and diverted toward digital payment.

With the inception of the Internet, people started to invest more time online, sitting on the internet, exploring and sharing information. Users are feeding and sharing information at a rapid pace so the whole world seems to be a single market and we started talking about globalization.

With this digital revolution, many businesses came forward and started serving people with different products and services. The operations and marketing strategy also begin to elevate its standard. Now you can simply sit at home and order any grocery product on the internet by using your digital device like a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

As the digital approach changes the whole outlook of doing business this revolution also needed some mode from where a user can make an easy, efficient, hassle-free payment online. This need for digital wallets created a necessary opportunity that many digital wallet companies like Paytm filled. Paytm is one of the first applications that provided services to the user in digital payments by introducing UPI and money wallet.

Security with Paytm

Paytm is an application being developed with advanced software technology and using next-gen security methods. The application is so realizable that many users across India trust it as their preferred application for online digital transactions. Paytm has recently launched its Initial Public Offering IPO, which suggested that the parent company is trustworthy and doing good in its business.

Betting websites using Paytm as one of the preferred partners for digital transactions

As discussed in the first half of the blog with the increase in digitalization of services, many industries flourished and made their existence in today’s business world. Companies working in the sector of e-commerce, online education, social media, and even online gaming and betting became popular. Companies like Amazon and Flipkart, working in the domain of e-commerce successfully captured the online Indian market by providing a very good user experience in terms of item navigation and selection, ordering, tracking, operations, and ease of payment.

Here we will talk about ease of payment because applications like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay provide a very good hassle-free payment environment by directly accessing your banks and making online payments. If we talk about various betting websites, they started flourishing their business in India in the last few years. This is because parent companies of all these betting websites see India as a great growth opportunity nation. People of different age groups especially youth like to play online games and make online betting on several sports, especially cricket.

Cricket as a sport is very popular in our country; many big players already introduced their fantasy cricket applications like Dream11. With the number of users creating their teams, investing money and time also gave positive vibes to all these betting websites; they have also received an overwhelming response like fantasy cricket applications.

Paytm Betting Sites In India

As we discussed the credibility and legitimacy of the digital payment application of Paytm. By witnessing this popularity, many betting websites preferred Paytm as one of their payment partners on the website. Although some of the betting websites still not utilizing Paytm as their payment partner but with the increasing popularity and user base of Paytm they have to sign Paytm soon. Some of the betting websites that are using Paytm as one of their preferred payment partners are,

  • Melbet
  • Betwinner
  • 1xbet
  • Parimatch
  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • Fun88
  • Dafabet

How to create a Paytm account and deposit money in the wallet

As discussed, Paytm is a highly reliable and secure mobile application that a user can easily use in their daily life for online transactions on any e-commerce website educational portal or even betting website. In the next half of this blog, we will discuss how to download the application and install and use it on different betting sites.

Step 1: Downloading the application: A user who wants to use Paytm services can easily download its APK either from an Android smartphone or with an apple iPhone or tablet the Operating System should be Android or iOS. You can easily download the application by visiting the play store if you are using the Android operating system or visiting Apple App Store if you are using iOS.

Step 2: Once you download the application the next thing is to install the application. During the installation, you need to register the mobile number which is already linked with your bank account and currently holding it. You will receive an OTP to verify your number. At this same step you need to create a password also and an MPIN which will be used every time you open the payment application. You may also need to create VPA (Virtual Payment Address). It is your username so you do not need to provide your bank account number again and again.

Step 3: Link your bank account to Paytm which will be done easily. Note that the registered number for the bank should be the same for the bank and Paytm.

Betting websites accepting Paytm for online payments

There are many betting websites that are currently offering online payment services of Paytm. Although right now there are many betting websites which are yet to partner with Paytm as one of their preferred online money transaction partners. Some websites which prefer Paytm as one of their online payment partners are

1XBET: This is a cricket betting website functioning in India. This website supports Hindi as their preferred language for the Indian audience, they also accept INR as one of their preferred currencies. The minimum deposit for this betting website is 350 rupees and it also accepts G Pay, another UPI app like Paytm.

Mega Pari: This is also a cricket betting website which gains popularity in the recent past. The minimum deposit for this betting website is 100 rupees and it also accepts G Pay, PhonePe, and other UPI platforms. It also facilitates fast withdrawals for Paytm users.

Bluechip: This crypto casino and betting site has one of the best gameplay and interface for its users. Its crypto payments make it one of the fastest withdrawal websites in India. This website focuses on Indian users. It also facilitates fast withdrawals for Paytm users.

BetTilt: This betting website is considered one of the best websites for beginners focusing more on cricket. This also has amazing live bet functionality, and it focuses more on Indian players and accepts all the leading UPI mobile wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, and G Pay.

BetWay: This is one of the leading betting websites which is more focused on the Indian market and especially in cricket as a sport. One of the main features of this betting website is the live streaming of the matches. You can also make fast withdrawals in Indian rupees.

22 Bet: This is also one of the leading betting websites which provide fast withdrawals through cryptocurrency. One of the key features of this betting website is the availability of 24/7 customer care. Customer finds it more reliable and it has more positive reviews than others. They provide different sports to bet on and accept money through G Pay and Paytm as UPI apps.

10 Cric: This betting website focuses on cricket and kabaddi as sports. The good thing about this is a local Indian brand. For fast withdrawals, it also supports Paytm withdrawals. They accept money through G Pay and Paytm as UPI apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is using Paytm as a payment method on different betting websites safe?

Throughout this blog, we have discussed the legitimacy and security of Paytm as one of the preferred payment methods used by various betting websites currently functioning in the country. The application is being developed by highly secured software development utilizing all the must-have safety protocols. The failure rate of the payment done through payment is very low. However, in some extreme cases if by any chance payment got stuck in the gateway or failed because of server delay you will get a full refund. Now, this whole process depends a lot on the user’s bank. Usually, it takes around 5 to 7 business days for you to get a refund.

Q2. Is it legal to deposit money on betting websites through Paytm?

It is legal to use Paytm and deposit money and enjoy placing bets on different betting websites mentioned in the blog. Paytm as the preferred application for online transactions makes sure your money is going in a safe hand. Paytm is a brand that will not allow hampering its public image by routing for some shady business. Feel free and focus on betting if you see Paytm as a preferred option for depositing the money.

Q3. Is there a minimum deposit bracket while using Paytm as a preferred application for online transactions on these betting websites?

A minimum deposit will depend on various website and their rules and regulation. Majorly it is seen that the minimum amount is 500 rupees.

Q4. How long does reflecting the deposited money in your betting website wallet take?

Normally this process works on a real-time basis which means if a user chooses Paytm as a preferred payment option then the amount of money which is transacted will instantaneously reflect in the wallet provided by the betting site. This whole process can maximum take up few minutes. Sometimes, the payment made through Paytm can get stuck in the gateway due to server errors or delays in communication between the bank and the website server. However, this is not due to the Paytm error in any case your money might take 2-3 hours to reflect in the wallet provided by the betting website. In this case, you can reach the customer care of the betting website or Paytm to track down your money.

Q5. Will I get the deposit bonus if making the payment through Paytm?

Yes, you are entitled to the registration bonus offered by the betting website for the first-time deposit money. Paytm will provide the gateway to transfer your money from your bank account to the betting website wallet. Besides, when you make a payment through Paytm, you also get entitled to a bonus coupon on the Paytm application which can be a cashback sometimes.

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