List of Bitcoin Betting Sites In India

List of Bitcoin Betting Sites In India: As a user and consumers of services and goods, we always have a knack for predicting the outcomes and turning them in our favour. As we all know communication and evolving technology have changed everything. It has changed how we think, how to act and perceive things in our favour. With the technological advancements and with the inception of the internet the public begins to strive for things differently. In the recent past, the way of doing business and working the economy has changed a lot. With the growth of the IT sector and especially the internet, people started feeding the information and started investing their time mostly sitting in front of their laptops, smartphones and other digital devices exploring different things on the internet.

Technical advancement and the need for digital currencies

With this growth, many businesses started flourishing and new sectors with different products and services begin to hit the consumer market. Nowadays it is very easy and convenient to buy online groceries through websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can easily buy online education and do various other stuff.

Looking after all these changed business scenarios there was a clear need for fast and easy online transactions and there comes a wallet system. Even the currency system for buying online has changed and we have been introduced to cryptocurrencies or bitcoin.

The inception of virtual currencies and bitcoin

Bitcoin or BTC is a cryptocurrency with the inception of the internet and when digital transaction suddenly rises there is a need for virtual currency. It acts as money but the status is considered virtual at times. The most important and amazing thing about bitcoin is that it falls outside the control of any group, person or entity.

Thus, it means they are the type of digital transactions which has removed the need for third-party involvement in any type of digital transaction. Bitcoins can be purchased on several exchanges. Though there are various other ways to mine the bitcoins it can be done by blockchain miners for work done to verify transactions. Knowing the technologies associated with bitcoins is altogether a different topic. In this blog, we will be focusing more on bitcoins and their association with various betting sites.

Few takeaways from bitcoin as a virtual currency

In the first half of this blog, we have discussed the need which gives rise to the virtual currency bitcoin. We will further discuss some necessary points or takeaways about bitcoin

  • Bitcoin was first launched in 2009. According to a survey and market capitalization says bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency.
  • For understanding bitcoins, we need to know the blockchain process. According to it Bitcoin is created, distributed, traded ad stored using a decentralized system also known as the blockchain.
  • Anyone can purchase bitcoins through various cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Bitcoin is the first virtual currency which has gained tremendous popularity and success all over the world. Looking after the success that was achieved by bitcoin many cryptocurrencies platform came into existence.
  • Bitcoin has an interesting aspect to it new bitcoins are introduced in the system through mining. B bitcoins and their ledger are secured by PoW or proof-of-work consensus.
  • Bitcoin as a virtual currency has gone through tremendous ups and down. The market has shown greater volatility and growth prospects. Although the market is a bit uncertain and has his understanding in terms of the growth prospect of bitcoins.

Betting websites and the need for cryptocurrency

Over the recent past online gaming has gained a tremendous number of audiences. Most of the user who is sitting on the internet chose to spend more and more time exploring new things which seems legit and interesting. Casino games and online betting platforms gain popularity and are popular with every age group people.

After getting an overwhelming response from the public around the world these betting companies slowly moved to India. India brings amazing growth prospects for these companies due to its huge population and presence of young people. People of different age groups like to place online betting on trusted platforms. We will be covering some online betting platforms which are currently present in our country and are doing well.

I believe sooner or later these online betting platforms will rule out the cryptocurrency platform for transactions on their website pretty soon. Some betting websites are using bitcoins as their preferred partners for digital transactions. As online gaming especially, online betting is gaining popularity these days, more companies or platforms are coming forward to design an online portal where people over 18 years of age can safely bet on their favourite games or sports.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many online betting companies are providing a chance to their user to trade through bitcoins for faster withdrawals and deposits in a way the user will get a chance not to worry about the withdrawals of money and will just focus on betting and the gameplay of the website. Here is the list which shows some of the betting websites which use bitcoin for faster withdrawals on their platforms.

The Best Crypto and Bitcoin Sports Betting Websites in India

  • Stake
  • Cloudbet
  • BC. Game
  • Vave Casino
  • Sportsbet
  • MyStake
  • Thunderpick
  • Bitcasino
  • 22Bet
  • Rabona

The benefit of keeping bitcoin in transactions done on betting sites

So far, we know that bitcoin is considered a safe way to transact money on any digital platform. As the importance and popularity of using cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum nowadays many users are opting for this digital currency. This is a digital currency which is not governed or kept under any jurisdiction. Because of its free-floating and availability on any crypto exchange, this is considered a faster way to transact and withdrawals of your winning amount. With the increase in popularity, lots of digital transactions are done through the dependencies of cryptos. Many people started investing in them and lots of exchanges have understood their importance.

Demerit of using the bitcoin and using it as a transaction currency in betting sites

It was believed that crypto is still evolving and it is very volatile. As the market has started to take the grasp of the offering of this virtual currency. The volatility makes the exchange rates go up and down very rapidly. So, it posts higher earnings as well as higher risk factors. People tend to avoid high-risk involving things. Due to this volatile nature, few people or real risk-takers learn and invest in crypto. So, keeping bitcoin as a preferred digital transactional partner may not benefit the platform as such.

The other notable negative point regarding crypto in a betting platform. It may raise suspicion among the users as there is no real governance of this currency. This is purely virtual with no real rules regulations or governing body behind it.

Best betting web portals that are using crypto as their transaction partner

In this part of the blog, I will be trying to explain the top 5 betting portals which are gaining some limelight because of the smooth gameplay that they offer and using crypto as their online money transaction,


This is one of the leading online gaming and betting portal running under the name of This web portal offers diverse gaming experiences and is quite popular among its user. Its easy game plays graphic interface makes this portal unique and easy to use. If we talk about the safety, licensing and other term and conditions of this online web portal then you do not need to worry. The website is protected with secure sockets layers SSL to ensure the protection of any user’s data. For further information, you can visit the official website.

They offer various traditional casino games like blackjacks, slots and roulette along with sports betting. It offers video streaming with live dealers One of the special features of this online web portal is that users who are associated with this platform do not deal in traditional currencies instead of that they deposit and withdraw crypto. Crypto can be used for both betting and casino gameplay. However, in case the user does not possess a cryptocurrency account, they can also transact through G Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

The USP of this web portal is its gameplay and neat and clean user interface. They offer a variety of online casino games and betting facilities for its user. However, they do not offer a welcome bonus to their new user but they offer other perks of cashback and bonuses.

Foundation Year2017
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Spanish and many more
CryptoBitcoin, ERP and many more
SSL protectedYes

About the security of Stake

This web portal is one of a kind as it offers two-step verification at the time of login. This method is considered to be one of the safest ways to access any online portal. In the beginning, though stake does not ask much details and users have to fill only the KYC level document which is based on normal information needed for the first level of the transaction on the website. The basic information like name, date of birth, residential address etc. This information can further be changed and in a later stage, the portal might ask for more KYC details and documents.

This online web portal is quite famous among its users since 2017. Though like any product or service, it has its positives and negatives. We will be mentioning them below. You can figure it out according to the weightage of your need.

Pros and Cons

This online betting portal offers you great perks in form of cashback and discounts. The major setback is that it does not provide a welcome bonus to its new user.With online betting and gaming one of the most important concerns point for any user is the availability of good customer support service. On this platform, they have one of the best and most amazing customer support which is there to resolve any query in different languages.
There is an option for you can deposit the crypto from different companies.Though the gameplay and user interface of this online gaming portal is considered one of the best users find it difficult to find relevant information on various restrictions, fees and other payout details.
There is an option for you can deposit the crypto from different companies.This online betting portal offers you great perks in form of cashback and discounts. Though, the major setback is that it does not provide a welcome bonus to its new user.
All the users who have registered in this platform do not leave and feel alone as this platform offers high interaction in 8 different languages. –
More than 1000 casino games are also available on the portal. Users can enjoy both betting and online casino games in this portal. –
All the users who have registered on this platform do not leave and feel alone as this platform offers high interaction in 8 different languages. –


Cloudbet is another very good online betting portal, it also provides live casino games to its users. You can easily visit this online web portal at The gaming experience and the user interface provided by them are near to perfect and the user enjoys playing live casino games and places sports betting on this portal. Now safety is one of the major concerns for every user while exploring any online gaming or betting platform. It is good to know that like any other leading web portal, this is also secured by secure sockets layers SSL this certificate ensures the protection of any user’s data.

This online web portal supports bitcoin sports betting. This portal also offers live casino games like jackpot slots, high roller, slots, roulette and blackjack. The cloudbet offers the best BCH sportsbook whether to be used pre-gaming or in-play bitcoin cash gambling. Online casinos offer high-limit cash slots and other casino games. If we talk about the security of the platform, they offer two-step verification and an SSL certificate.

Pros and Cons

Registering on this website is very simple, you just have to provide an e-mail ID for verification. Advanced KYC verification may be done in a later stage once you start playing and wants to withdraw the money.One of the most negative features that can go against this amazing platform is they may charge a handling fee for deposits
This website offers super-fast withdrawals, no doubt they have bitcoin as their preferred transaction currency. It hardly takes 10 minutes for withdrawals.If we talk about the security of the portal like any advanced web portal, they also secure their web portal with two-factor authentication. The whole website is protected by an SSL or Secure Sockets Layers, which is mainly to safeguard the user’s information.
In this portal, it is very hard to find information like restrictions, terms and condition etc.In this portal, it is very hard to find information like restrictions, terms and conditions etc.


22Bet is another platform that is gaining popularity in the Indian subcontinent. The online web portal is very popular and the user enjoys its gameplay due to very good graphics and user interface. It is a European online betting site which was founded in late 2018. After its foundation the site started gaining popularity across the world and now, they function in India as well. They offer to bet on different sports but their main focus is football. On this website, there are various options to place online bets on various football matches. They also offer the services of online casinos, live casinos and popular games like blackjack, slots and roulette.

If we talk about the security of the platform, it is being guarded by Secure Sockets Layers SSL. Customer care support is dedicated to you and is available 24/7. The user can also have 24/7 live chats. In any case, if they want to escalate their issue, they can write a mail to

They accept online transactions through various resources like Bitcoins, EcoPayz, Credit and Debit cards, Skrill, Net banking and many more.

Pros and Cons

It offers good overall security for its users. Being guarded by an SSL is one of them.The customer care service is very fast and efficient. People usually believe in those websites which generally have good customer care support.
It is considered one of the besting betting online portals for football which is enjoyed by various users around the world.This online web portal does not support any special promotion like its competitor websites.
It offers good overall security for its users. Being guarded by a SSL is one of them. 
  • Bitcasino

It is another very important and old betting website that is currently working in India. It was founded way early in 2014 since then it is a trusted web portal for online betting. The speciality of this web portal is that it does not offer any anonymous gambling and while registering for the website people need to mention their age. This website offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to 50,000 USD. As earlier said, this is a well-reputed web portal and the user will find lots of positive information on the internet about it.

Pros and Cons

The customer care support of this web portal is very good and readily available. Users can get an instant reply on live chat.Like many other websites, they do not offer any welcome bonus to their user. Although, this website supports different tournaments and tournaments
You need to register on the portal before the live chat of customer support is available to you. In case you are playing without getting registered on Bitcasino you may not be able to avail of the live chatDeposit and withdrawal through crypto have many options.
The deposit and withdrawal through crypto have many options. 
  • Thunderpick

This is also among the best betting platforms which support crypto. They are also into an online casinos. Founded in the year 2017 they offer a flawless betting experience to its user. They offer to use various cryptos like bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum and many more. They are registered according to the law of Curacao. They also offer support in various languages like English, Spanish and Russian.

The best thing about this platform is its next-level security. It does not allow you to generate random accounts. You can sign in through an e-mail ID of G Mail, Steam or Twitch. You need to verify your age above 18 as well.

Pros and Cons

During major sports event, they do not generally provide any special service covering them.They have one of the best user interfaces and user love to play games and place their bets on this platform.
They have one of the best user interface and user love to play games and place their bets on this platform.During major sports events, they do not generally provide any special service covering them.
Active support and live chat in more than 7 languages. 

This is the description of the top 5 web portals which are also available in India and offer to use crypto as one of the preferred transaction methods.

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