Exciting IPL Betting Offers for 2024 are available here!

IPL Betting Offers: The Indian Premier League is all set to get started at the end of March 2024. The players of the league are all indulged in preparation while the enthusiasts of the game who are very interested in betting are seeking such sites that suit their desire for online betting in terms of the arena of the league. There are many online betting platforms that cater to the needs of these bettors curating their site for the special IPL season and we have the best IPL Betting Offers. While they do so, they also make sure that they offer ample amounts of bonuses and promotions that can attract Users to their sites.

IPL Betting Offers


Bonus 150% Up To ₹20,000

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Welcome bonus on your 1st deposit up to 20000 INR.

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Welcome bonus on your 1st deposit up to 1,50,000 INR

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🏆 15327 people won In India on BCGAME yesterday

Welcome Bonus Up to Rs. 4,50,000/- and 250 Free Spins

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🏆 14327 people won In India on Pinup yesterday


Bonus 150% Up To ₹1,50,000

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🏆 1184 people won In India on 9WINZ yesterday


100% Bonus up to ₹20,000

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🏆 906 people won In India on 1xBet yesterday


200% Welcome Bonus on First Deposit

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🏆 655 people won In India on Fun88 yesterday


Bonus 100% upto ₹1,00,000 + 40 free spins

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🏆 1319 people won In India on 10Cric yesterday


Bonus 100% up to ₹10,000 + 20 Free Spins

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🏆 1082 people won In India on Jackpot Guru yesterday


Bonus Up to ₹100,000 and 20 Free Spins!

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🏆 1227 people won In India on Casibee yesterday


100% Deposit Bonus Up to ₹100,000

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IPL Betting Offers
IPL Betting Offers

While betting is entirely illegitimate in India, online betting has garnered a green signal with no federal standing strong against it. This makes the online betting sites customise themselves for the convenience of Cricket fanatics in India. They have a lot of IPL Betting Offers that pull the interested bettors of the Indian Premier League towards them. Here in the subsequent space, we have tried to list all the offers and promotions available especially for the Indian Premier League. Check the ensuing listings and get hold of the best that each site has to offer to you in this upcoming IPL Season 2024.

Indian Premier League Betting Offers 2024

The Indian Premier League is all set to get started, and with that, the opportunities for betting will increase in India. Online betting has witnessed a very substantial surge in the months of the IPL and the growth of IPL Betting Offers. The sites and bookmakers offer an opportunity for enthusiasts to place a bet on their online portal, along with very attractive bonuses and promotions. These offers make it very convenient for the Users to choose their portal and make higher levels of profits by registering even lower amounts of deposits. Each online betting has something or the other to offer. It is absolutely up to the Users which one they are willing to proceed with.

Check the ensuing list of various kinds of IPL Betting Offers and Benefits that you can get ahead of the IPL Betting Season on the best online betting sites operating all across the nation.

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Exclusive IPL Betting Offers

There are many kinds of promotions available on betting sites. However, the Indian Premier League is one of the most followed and anticipated events in the world of sports, the sites provide very exceptional and attractive IPL Betting Offers catering to the massive fandom for the game in India. There are general kinds of promotions and bonuses that you can take assistance with as try to place your bet but these exclusive betting offers for the purpose of IPL bets specialise in that arena of the game. Check these promotions subsequently:

S.No.Name of the Betting Site Type of IPL Betting Offers The benefit of IPL Betting Offers Promo Code
1.10CricIPL Welcome Bonus150% Bonus Up To Rs. 32,000
500 Free Bets
50 Free Spins Gifts
2.1XBetSpecial IPL Promotions2 Promotional Tickets
First Prize: iPhone 14 Pro Max to 30 Winners
Second Prize: iPhone 14 Pro to 14 Winnets
Third Prize: iPhone 14 to 100 Winners
5000 Bonus Points to 10 Winners
2000 Bonus Points to 15 Winners
1000 Bonus Points to 25 Winners
500 Bonus Points to 30 Winners
200 Bonus Points to 50 Winners
100 Bonus Points to 100 Winners
50 Bonus Points to 200 Winners
3.Fun88More Sports Means More Money PrizeRs. 50,000 to 1 to 25 Leaderboard Position
Rs. 25,000 to 26 to 100 Leaderboard Position
Rs. 10,000 to 101 to 240 Leaderboard Position
4.4Rabet Special Welcome Bonus230% Upto Rs. 23,000
5.IndibetDaily Draw of Prize MoneyRs 50,000
6.1WinBonus500% up to Rs. 75,000
7.BluechipPromotional Welcome Bonus400% Bonus Up To Rs. 75,000 or 1 Bitcoin
8.RajabetsSpecial Cricket Bonus20% Up To Rs. 3000
9.ParimatchSpecial Bonus150% Up To Rs. 30,000
10.DafabetPremier League Million BonanzaRs. 20 Lakh Jackpot

Welcome Bonuses offered by Online Betting Sites

One part of the IPL Betting Offers is the welcome bonus. For reference, if you are only starting on a particular online betting site, they will surely offer you amazing bonuses as a courtesy for you being the latest user of the site. Thus, you can avail of all these promotions on your first deposits. There are very lesser sites that offer free welcome bonuses. However, most of them offer a very high percentage of bonus for the amount of deposit you will be making. Check the following welcome bonuses and IPL Betting Offers that these ones of top online betting sites have to offer:

S.No.Name of the Online Betting SiteWelcome Bonus Amount
1.ParimatchUpto Rs. 30,000
2.22BetUpto Rs. 10,000
3.1XBet Upto Rs. 20,000
4.MebetUpto Rs. 20,000
5.SatbetUpto Rs. 10,000
6.1WinUpto Rs. 80,400
7.888starzUpto Rs. 8,000
8.BetwinnerUpto Rs. 8,000
9.MostbetUpto Rs. 25,000
10.IndibetUpto Rs. 10,000
11.FairplayUpto Rs. 50,000
12.4RabetUpto Rs. 23,000
13.MegapariUpto Rs. 17,000
14.CricBabaUpto Rs. 25,000
15Pin UpUpto Rs. 20,000

Cricket Betting Sites In India 2024

IPL Betting Tournament and Cashprizes

There are millions of websites available online for the purpose of betting. Most of these do not allow betting for the Indian Premier League. However, some of these have IPL Betting Offers as well. The sites that offer a very exclusive betting space for the IPL also have the provision for highly exceptional promotions. As a User, you will have to carefully check all the portals. While doing so, observes that certain portals will have benefits in terms of extra prizes and tournaments while some of them offer very modified bets that match the bonuses.

You need to be particular while checking the prize tournaments as they have certain conditions that have to be observed. Further, it is also important to beware of fake sites and forged websites that pose to be ones of repute.

Mention your thoughts on IPL Betting Offers for the upcoming season subsequently.

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