How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Dream11: Step-by-Step Process, Tips and Tricks

In this blog, we will try to learn more about the Dream 11 app. Discuss its pros and cons, how to make a team and will try to answer various Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Dream11: We all know how popular cricket is in our country. We treat cricketers as not less than gods since India lifted their maiden world cup in England against the greats of West Indies and that was the year 1983. Cricket popularity has gained momentum from that particular event, we have produced some world-class dominant players like Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni the list is endless. I am just trying to project the popularity and impact that the Dream11 game has made in our country and especially on youth.

Since the triumph of 1983, the Indian cricket team has continued to give joy to everyone with some very critical performances. Whether it was the second world win in 2011 or the maiden T20 world cup win of 2007 by beating top rivalry Pakistan in the final, cricket has given so much to this country. We shed tears when we lose and burst crackers and dance in the joy of the team’s win.

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How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Dream11: Step-by-Step Process, Tips and Tricks 9

Cricket in the digital era and introduction to Dream11 fantasy cricket

Cricket as a sport has changed a lot in the last decade or so. With the introduction of T20 cricket, the whole picture of cricket has changed. Earlier cricket was more dependent on Test and Day International cricket. T20 cricket has changed everything, the game has been developed after carefully examining the fun and excitement factor in the game as Test and ODI cricket is time-consuming and failed to maintain the excitement. Though they are still considered the original form of cricket.

T20 is fast, full of suspense and thrill and it takes a maximum of around 4 hours to get a result. With cricket getting modified, the technology and digital age have brought some new changes to the game. Betting games and fantasy cricket was the result of it. The energy and hard work invested by the fans are no less than what was invested by players who are playing the game. Fans always wanted to be an active part of the game, it can be cheering for your team or player or placing bets or creating a virtual team and playing a fantasy cricket game.

Dream11 Fantasy cricket and the application supporting it.

We all know the famous Indian Premier League which started this year and the excitement among the players can be easily seen during the opening ceremony and the inaugural match that happened between two show stoppers Chennai Super Kings and defending champions Gujrat Titan. The game result is a mere consolation but the real thrill was during the match. With all this excitement fantasy sport has been created so that fans can use their skills and luck and can earn from the game.

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Dream 11 app revolutionised the fantasy sport

Dream 11 was founded back in 2008, for 2021 the revenue of Dream 11 was US$340 million or INR 2,706 crore. This is some serious money that this fantasy sports application has made. The net income of the company is US$41 million or INR 329 crore for the financial year 2021. From these numbers, one can easily assume the popularity of the application and the game itself.

Now, we will try to learn some more about Dream 11, it is a fantasy sports application available on Android and iOS platforms. Users are allowed to form a virtual team and earn points based on the real-life performance of the players in that actual match. Winners will be decided by adding the cumulative points associated with every selected player. Win in this platform depends on skills that you can earn by keeping the knowledge of the game and a bit of luck. In this blog, we will try to learn more about the Dream 11 app. Discuss its pros and cons, how to make a team and will try to answer various Frequently Asked Questions.

Few things to keep in my mind before creating a team on Dream 11

Testing your luck and winning big by investing a small amount is the USP for fantasy sports. We suggest you not create the team just sake of it and expect a good return out of it. We will suggest you some tips that you can keep in mind before making a virtual team in Dream 11.

Do your online research and try to learn about the teams: We will be talking about fantasy cricket in this blog although, Dream 11 is open for other sports also like Kabaddi, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Hand-Ball and eSports. There are various things that you can study before making a final team, we will be discussing them one by one.

  • Understanding the pitch, weather and playing conditions: To access the conditions that can have an impact on a match need to be understood. Before you build your fantasy cricket team of 11 players all these physical conditions have to be accessed. You can get this information from pre-match shows or various live-streaming websites. There are various factors to be considered including the location of the match like if the cricket match is in Asia then you can expect a batter-friendly or spin-friendly ground, also due to even bounce it will be easy for a batter to score here. So, you can expect a high-scoring game here. Similarly, if we have a match in S Africa, Australia or even West Indies we can expect fast and bouncy wickets favouring bowlers. These are some general descriptions, do not be prejudiced about them. The pitch curator might have made a batter-friendly wicket in Australia. We suggest you go after the official pitch report.
  • Try to learn about the player’s previous performance and team build-up: This is very important to keep in the mind before selecting a player for your team. You need to carefully dig into his past performance on a similar type of ground and also consider his recent form. Some players have an X factor when we talk about different forms of cricket, Like, in test cricket you need to keep a close look at players like Joe Root, Jimmy Anderson, Steve Smith, Pat Cummins, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Babar Azam, Kane Williamson etc. Similarly, for ODIs and T20s we have different skill sets of players who can be destructive and be the matchwinner for their teams. You need to select the players, write them on a piece of paper and search about their strengths and weaknesses also their recent past performances. The information that you will be seeking is easily available on the internet, browse official sites like ICC, Cricinfo, Cric Buzz etc.

Picking you right captain and vice-captain: Once you have all the necessary information told earlier in the blog, you can now build your team picking up the captain and vice-captain is very crucial in Dream 11 as the captain the fantasy points will be doubled 2x and as vice-captain, the fantasy points will get multiplied with 1.5 or 1.5x. You need to choose these 2 players very carefully and with lots of analysis. They are the ones who will guarantee your win.

Keep an eye on the toss and the team’s decision: Toss plays a very important factor if the team is playing in Asian conditions, especially across India. If the match is to be played in daylight, then there is no problem, as the pitch will likely remain the same throughout the game. If the game is to be played under the floodlights the due factor will come into play, it is difficult for ballers to grip the ball due to the wet seam. As a spinner, it is very difficult to spin because the ball skid through the surface and does not grip. So, tossing is very important, especially in day-night matches. Similarly, if you are playing in seaming condition, listen to the pitch report and decide your final team after the call of the toss-winning captain. Sometimes the team may decide to go against the predictions and come up with their plans. In that case, we want you to stick to your basic research and form your team accordingly.

Keep yourself updated about the match: This is another important aspect of the game. If you want to win with the help of your skills, then you have to be sure about every match prediction. You need to follow some sports channels. If it is a big series or league like Indian Premier League, or Big Bash League then the media will be hot with the news and updates about the game. You can follow them; all these things may sound heavy as we read about them. But believe me, if you want to earn some money with your skills and not purely just because of your luck then it can be a 1-time thing then you will become habitual.

Do not just follow the trend: This can be a bad practice to follow, sometimes when we are ignorant and do not strategize our game, we tend to make a team because most of the other people already have picked up those players. Dream 11 is used to show the number of users who picked that particular player. I recommend you not to get indulge in such practices rather than do your research access the playing condition and then make the team.

How to register for Dream 11

  • If you are an Android or iOS user you can download the APK of this application on your phone.
  • You can install the application it will roughly take around 70 MBS on phone, with regular updates.
  • While registering through the app you need to do it with a phone number where you can get an OTP. After that, it will take some general information to register you to the platform.
  • You need to complete your KYC to link your bank account with your bank. This is because when you have to withdraw the winning amount it can go directly into your bank instantaneously. A minimum of 50 INR can be withdrawn from your account.
  • To deposit the money, it all depends on the buy-in required for that tournament. Let’s say it is for 19 INR you can add it to your Dream 11 wallet. There is no minimum amount to be deposited in your wallet, for depositing you can choose from various options like Amazon Pay, G Pay, Bank Cards, UPI, Net Banking and wallets.

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Selecting the Dream11 tournaments

It all depends on the amount of money you want to bet on a single tournament. To get a hold of the platform I suggest you start with practice matches where you do not have to invest money. Later, you can select according to your capacity and enter a tournament. You can create a maximum of 20 teams in a tournament with more than 10,000 spots.

Basics for creating a Dream11 team

  • The team must contain at least 11 players, with one captain and one vice-captain.
  • A maximum of 10 players can be picked from a team.

Dream11 Team composition

PlayerMinimum playersMaximum players
Wicket Keeper18
All Rounder18

Dream11 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I follow a particular trick to insure winning in Dream 11?

Although, there is no particular trick that you can use for winning. You have to do research and follow the things discussed in this blog. All-rounders are crucial in a T20 match, you need to strategies them better.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winning amount in Dream 11?

User has not had to be worried about paying taxes on their own. A tax of 30% is deducted at source when your net winning total is more than 10,000 INR. You simply go to your profile section, tap on my balance and withdraw the desired amount.

Why Dream 11 is so popular and is it safe to play on it?

It is completely safe to play fantasy sports on Dream 11 platform. It is one of the oldest fantasy sports apps in India and the safest also, it is known for many tournaments and ease of navigation within the app. The user interface is brilliant.

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