Google Pay Betting Sites In India

One of India’s most reliable and prevalent online payment options has grown to be the Unified Payment Interface UPI Method. This has drastically caused a rise in the demand for Google Pay. This mobile payment service that Google has developed is now definitely a top choice for payers in India. Reached in India as one of the earliest payment methods for cell phones, the popularity of Google Pay is unmatched. It is now that most Indian Users in all the fields look out for it as an option for payment. Not having Google Pay as one of the authorised payment methods can really set off users. 

If you are a player of Betting Games and Online Gambling and use Google Pay, there is a huge probability that you might be looking out for such applications and internet sites that allow you to pay for your bets online through Google Pay. This payment method is not only a priority in India but also in many other relative nations. Thus, there are myriad online betting sites that offer you the option to pay through Google Pay. It is very inconvenient to conduct an individual search. Additionally, payments are a very sensitive and confidential case. It is imperative that when you use a site, you place bets on it while considering other factors too. 

Various applications and internet sites for online gambling and betting allow you to pay through the portal. You must check the payment methods and other factors such as the portal’s reliability, payment ease, the pace of transfers, user interface, and others. The most important part of all these factors is safety. You are to attest your account to the site; thus, you must ensure your shared information is safe and secure. Here, in the ensuing space, we have provided a complete list of all the genuine applications and online betting sites that accept Google Pay as a valid payment method. Furthermore, it is to be observed that the players must comprehend that the ensuing sites are not all the available ones but definitely the dependable ones. 

Google Pay Betting Sites In India

Requirement of Payments in Online Betting Sites 

The sites available online are simply the virtual interface for offline betting games and sports settings. When players bet offline, they make use of cash, assets, or other payments in kind. Further, the offline financial setting is entirely different compared to the online one except that it is actually real-time betting. Thus, you need to deposit cash if you actually seek to gamble or place a bet. There shall be myriad users who will be placing online bets. While playing online, you will win some and lose some as you do in the offline modes. You will eventually have to withdraw when you finalize monetary profits due to a win. This is when you need a comfortable method of payment or a wallet of choice. For many Indian Users, this could be Google Pay.  

Currency and Payment Conditions

Every portal for Online Betting games has fixed a minimum amount for the purpose of withdrawals and deposits. These payments have to be made using the payment methods that are permitted online. There is one thing worth observing the sites are based in some countries outside of India. Thus, it becomes very important to check which currencies are authorised and if the currency transfers are not permitted, they are exchanged by the site before the payments are made on the site. If you are looking to pay using Google Pay, you shall make direct monetary transfers. Therefore, the site must have Rupees as a permitted currency or the currency difference must be dealt with by the site. Checking these factors is vital because payments, specifically online gambling, must be handled with caution to avoid any hassle. 

Payment Options Through Google Pay

Even though the online payment option of Google Pay is online in mode, it still has various ways to transfer funds. These options have been listed and explained below: 

  • Direct Google Pay Account Transfer using the UPI ID. 
  • QR Code Transfers. 
  • Bank Account Transfers by entering the Account Numbers. 
  • Payment through Contact Numbers. 
  • UPI Number Payments. 

Factors to Consider while Selecting an Online Betting with Google Pay Payment Method 

One must consider various payment methods when choosing such an online betting site with Google Pay as a designated payment method. While you consider many things irrelevant or miss out on, there might be something important. Safety and Security need to be a top priority. Additionally, the window for withdrawals, deposit duration, minimum amounts, and other things also matter a lot. It is imperative that the players consider all the factors and only then invest their money in some bet online. To ease the selection process, we have curated a guide and mentioned all the necessary factors that you need to consider. Check the factors that have been mentioned and explained subsequently: 

  • Bonuses and Promotions: It might appear very unrelative to the payment methods, but many online sites offer Bonuses and Promotions. It is important that you consider all of them as you will initially have to invest a lesser amount of money. There will be a very minimized risk of investing an amount that will be a higher loss. Thus, it is imperative for you as a user that you get a good bonus such that you have to play initially without investing and betting a lot and then you get a lucid idea of the application extremely conveniently. 
  • Minimum and Maximum Deposit and Withdrawal Amount: If the site requires you to put in a very heavy amount of initial deposit, the risk will increase. Additionally, higher limits of deposits restrict you. Thus, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the minimum deposit limits. There is also a limit in the case of withdrawals, very often. These limits can restrict you from withdrawing only a large amount. The minimum withdrawal amount can be a particular problem. However, for some, maximum withdrawal limits are also an issue. Thus, you must be extremely sure that the limits of the sites suit you. 
  • Transfer Windows: There are some sites that list transfer windows. The shorter the duration of the money transfer, the better it gets. Hence, you must check if the payment is delivered within 5 to 7 business days. Very long windows for money transfer opportunities can really be problematic sometimes. 
  • Reviews: An extremely important factor is reviews. You can only get to know about the reliability and trust of a particular site on the basis of the actual reviews of the users. Those who have used the betting site often review them. In the written reviews, they shall also detail if the payment methods are actually dependable. There is one thing that you must also take into consideration. There is a very real possibility of finding paid reviews. However, you must check nearly all the places where you can get a review of the site. 
  • Terms and Conditions: You shall be investing your money. It becomes important that you carefully consider that there are no such regulations by the online betting site which might put you into trouble or leave you in a problem imposed due to some technical glitch of the site. There are many terms that the users miss out on as they sign up. You need to consider each of them if you have to make a final decision. 
  • Support Team: This is a very important factor. There are many fake sites that claim to offer very supportive consumer support. However, it all takes a backflip when the actual problem is addressed. Thus, before you put your money into the application, it is imperative that you make sure that the customer support you use is highly dependable and available as much as possible. Further, there are a few companies that only provide support via email. This can be a little problematic. You must check that the support is provided through phone calls as well. 
  • License: There is a special registration and license that online betting sites apply for and seek. It is of utmost importance to check that the site you are using is authorized. Legitimacy is extremely important, and licenses provide proof regarding the same. Check the portal thoroughly for the licensing and registration details of the particular site you are willing to use. 
  • Partners and Associations: There are many online betting sites that are associated with a lot of people. These sites need to be considered very preferably as they are extremely well reputed in business attracting the most prestigious people and leagues in the relative field. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Google Pay 

Everything has a pro and cons. It is imperative to consider them both before you make a final decision. Even though certain users are extremely determined to use Google Pay as a payment method, it is of high criticality to consider the advantages and disadvantages. Here we have listed the prime advantages and disadvantages that you shall be facing as you use google pay in order to pay online on the betting sites: 


  • Easy and Hassle-free payments without consuming much time. All you need to do is enter your security pin in your Google Pay account and the payment is very conveniently made. 
  • Google Pay Account is directly linked to the user’s bank account number. This makes the entire procedure very convenient. It does not involve any wallet. This, the extra transfer of money into some wallet and extra charges for the purpose of transferring money here and there, can be avoided. 
  • There are no commissions applicable as the users try to deposit the funds into the online betting site. 
  • Google Pay offers a lot of scratch cards in order to reward its users. Thus making itself a top choice and priority for the users. Not only will you be able to pay without paying the commission but you will also be able to get some extra rewards through promotions. 
  • Google Pay is comparable with all sorts of software. A few payment methods might not be compatible with the iOS system of payments. However, Google Pay has no such boundaries. 
  • The application of Google Pay requires only a security pin to be entered. It does not need you to link to some cards or refer to cards or the account number repeatedly. This makes the process of payment really easy. 
  • The services offered by the Google Pay application are very swift. All you need is a mobile application and connected internet.
  • Further, the deduction of money by the Google Play Application from the User’s Bank account is highly secured. This implies that you do not have to worry. If the payment has not been processed, you can be assured that the money will not have been deducted. However, if the money has been deducted and the payment has not been processed, the Google Pay authorities make sure that the money is returned to the bank account. The condition of not processing the payments comes into action only if the internet connection is weak or the bank server is down. The chances of this happening are extremely low. 
  • You can add more than one bank account to your Google Pay. 
  • Google Pay will list all your transactions. This implies 
  • It always notifies you regarding the service availability of the bank accounts, even before you pay. This is very useful as you shall not be making any payments using that particular bank and will switch your bank account. 


Even though comparatively lesser, the disadvantages of using Google Pay still exist. Here are a few, If they turn out to be highly problematic for you, you can assuredly opt out of the payment method. However, they are not very major: 

  • Google Pay has a limit of Rs. 1,00,000 for payments. If you want to make bigger deposits and payments to the application, you will surely have a hard time doing so. 
  • As you will use Google Pay, there might be a point where you might end up making a lot of payments. At a point, the application will not allow you to make payments due to an increased number of transactions. 
  • Google Pay Services can be down sometimes. Thus, you can choose another payment method only for that particular duration. 

Problems with Google Pay Payments 

One can mess up with Google Payments only if one makes mistakes when making the payments. It is highly unlikely that Google Pay will mess up your payments. However, if you face a glitch technically imposed on you, you can contact Google Pay Customer Care, who will surely help you. The team for Google Pay Support is very dependable and reliable. They always have the best solutions to offer and suggest. Additionally, if any query is not being solved on the part of Google Pay due to it being pertinent to the Bank Account rather than the Google Pay Account, you will have to contact your bank and you shall receive relative help. There can be a case that the online betting site you are using can pose concerns relative to safety and others. It is now that you realise that whichever site you are using offers full support in terms of payments and is available not only by email but also through a valid phone number. As a result, it becomes imperative to opt for an application which is well-rated and recognised. 

In order to ease the process of selecting online betting sites that use Google Pay as an authorised payment method, we have shortlisted some of the best online applications and sites for betting and gaming. Check the ensuing list and details your selection of the site accordingly: 


Known to be one of the most reliable betting sites for betting, Fun88 is based in the United Kingdom. The site is also available as a mobile application and is available in India. It uses Google Pay as a reliable payment method. It is definitely one of the most affordable betting sites and with bonuses and the right amount of money cut down by promotions, you can even start with an amount as low as Rs. 10. It highly depends on the bet and what game you are playing that you are making that how much you make. It has a very user-friendly interface and is counted as a flexible option due to the varied number of games, sports, and payment options. The support team is incredibly dedicated, available, and active throughout the day and the entire week. 

Shangri La

Available very dominantly in many countries of Asia, Shangri La uses Google Pay as one of the authorized options for payments. This site is new compared to many betting giants available in the market. It got registered in 2018 but rose rapidly through the ranks due to its impressive User Bonuses, Promotions, and Discounts. This is what makes betting sites very appreciable and preferable for users. Additionally, there have been very limited problems with Shangri La which has promised its reliability over a very short duration of time. Offering varied sports on its portal and specifically focusing on Cricket for the Indian sub-continent, this application has become a very popular choice for Users around India. Another thing with Shangri La is that it is extremely affordable. You can get a bonus of up to Rs. 8000 and the initial deposits can be very low. You can get a deposit bonus of 200% of the amount. The minimum amount required to deposit in Shangri La is Rs. 1000. 


The application of Betway is very convenient to Indian Users as it accepts Indian Rupees. By opening the prospects of making payments through the Unified Payment Interface UPI, this online betting site has also opened the way for Google Pay users. You can deposit money from your Bank Accounts using your Google Pay account; through the same Pay Account, you can get money influx into your Account. It is one of the safest betting sites and has a very dependable reputation such that it is considered one of the best in the business. The only problem with this site is that its sign-up process is extremely complicated and the verification consumes a lot of time. The prime reason for this is that the giant ensures that all the details are confirmed and verified. This step is only vital in terms of safety and security. 

Being such a betting giant of repute, Betway offers one of the highest bonuses. You can avail of bonuses of an amount up to Rs. 60,000. It offers a New User Bonus and a Sports Welcome Bonus, making the application very attractive for sports enthusiasts who love betting. There is a very special feature of a free bet bonus. As per this bonus, users can get Rs. 500 Free Bets when they bet Rs. 500 on doubles or higher in any sports category. The site has a very dependable support staff and a very curated section of Frequently Asked Questions FAQs, which have proved very useful in general cases. 


Established in 1992, Parimatch stands to be one of the most reliable and trusted betting sites in the business. The online betting site has Indian Currency admissible for the convenience of Indian Users. This makes the entire betting system very preferable for Indian betters. Further, with the inclusion of Google Pay as one of the Payment Methods, Parimatch has most probably aced the game. The site offers are extremely affordable apart from its dependency. You will only need Rs. 200 in order to make your bets. The minimum deposit amount is highly secured and assuring to the users. The minimum limit for the purpose of withdrawal has been announced as Rs. 800. This makes it very prone to give a try as you can play with the minimum amount and get a good welcome bonus. With the money you earn from the site, you can easily withdraw. In terms of support offered by the application’s support team, one of the best features is live chat. No matter what problem you have at hand, you can easily address your queries. Regarding your bonuses, you can get a bonus of 150% up to Rs. 20,000. These deals have been developed to make the site attractive, but it is worth observing that the site is very reputed and dependable. 


Developed and established in India, 4RaBet is definitely the top Indian online betting site available for Indian Players. Designed in the nation, its top priority has been to cater to the needs and requirements of the Indian Players thus permitting monetary transfers in Indian Rupees and also allowing transfers through Google Pay. There are two kinds of bets that you can make on the portal. The first one is sports betting. India has a passion for a lot of games such as Kabbadi, Cricket, Football, Tennis, and much more. 4RaBet makes sure that all sports enthusiasts are satisfied through their applications in terms of betting options. The other bets are live ones which is a very interesting feature. Bonuses are very important. Thus, it becomes important for the users to check that they are getting a good deal in terms of promotions which the application of 4RaBet ensures. You can get a bonus of a whopping Rs. 20,000 as per the percentage cut of 200%. The technical dealings in terms of deposits, withdrawals, support system, and placing bets are very easy. This makes the online betting site a top priority for Indian Users. Additionally, since the application was developed in India, it makes sure that the players based in India do all the betting as permissible by the authorities of the Indian Government. 

There are other online betting sites available too. The users willing to use Google Pay as the payment method can check all these sites and view their conditions to get accustomed to all the dealings. We have curated a list of all such betting sites available online that let you pay and receive money through Google Pay. You can check the ensuing list and make your decisions as per the applicable terms and conditions they have for the users. We have shortlisted the applications that are well-reputed to be reliable and dependable. Check the list below: 

  • Casumo
  • Melbet
  • Bet365
  • 888Sport
  • William Hill
  • BetVictor
  • 10Cric 
  • 1XBet 
  • Mega Pari 
  • Blue Chip 
  • 22Bet 
  • Most Bet 
  • Pure Win 
  • Indibet 

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