Betting Strategies For T20 Cricket That Can Actually Work

Betting Strategies For T20 Cricket: Cricket is a famous sport, especially in parts of Asia and Australia. There is a massive fan following for the sport and everyone just loved being part of it. Since the birth of cricket in the United Kingdom the first form of cricket which was played between the two teams was test cricket. Test cricket is still known to be the original form of cricket being played for 5 straight days usually and there was no guarantee for a winning outcome. As the game progresses and money started flowing into the game from the broadcasters and team franchise ODI cricket was born. Nowadays we see the refined form of ODI cricket which is played between 2 teams for 50 over each and the event grants a result most of the time.

Betting Strategies For T20 Cricket That Can Actually Work
Betting Strategies For T20 Cricket That Can Actually Work

The start of glamour in the cricket

One Day International started gaining some momentum many countries started to take active participation in the sport. Countries like England, Australia, India, West Indies and New Zealand set the tone for sport to be successful. As time goes by the organiser launched a world cup and it all started in the year 1975. Let’s not go into the deep history of the inception of cricket and how the stage was set for it to become so famous.

Launching of T20 cricket and introduction to online betting

One Day International cricket dominates the cricketing world for many decades. As society and growth rate starts jogging at a brisk pace there was a need to make the sport short, thrilling and more fun. People once 21h century hits do not usually have time to test and One Day International started losing its charm. Though hard-core cricket fans still think the test cricket as the original form of cricket. But the organisers have to look for the bigger picture now.

Incomes T20 format of cricket is flamboyant cricket where each team would get 20 overs and they have to post a total and the other team has to chase it down. With the introduction of T20 cricket, the game became aggressive and more fun. A T20 game usually finishes in 4 Hours so it saves time and effort for audiences also.

Cricket and the platform are known for betting also. Sports betting is quite popular for the past several years. We will be talking specifically about cricket here. With the introduction of One Day International and T20 cricket, betting becomes very easy as the game takes a maximum of a day and precisely a few hours e a day to get the result. That is why betting started to get popular in this sport.

If we talk about betting, physical betting is very unstructured and not centralised plus it was not legal everywhere. It was very difficult to place an actual bet or to be a part of a betting game.

The inception of online betting

With this problem and after the serious growth of the internet and with the digital era. Many companies have come forward to launch their online betting portal. Back in the day, it seemed a dream to have such kind of a system. Many internet companies launched their online platforms to play betting. They are fully legal and registered and they display their license number on the website also.

For now, there are many such online web portals as well as a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. From here a user can easily place their bet and enjoy the game, there are various ways one can choose from different online web portals that are available on the market. We will discuss the things to check before registering to an online betting web portal in some other blog.

Different web portals or mobile applications for online betting

For the last 4-5 years many web portals with authorised rights to place online betting is available. Many internet companies are paying special interest and expanding their limits through these web portals. The user just has to register to the web portal, deposit the money through many options offered by the portal, complete their KYC and start participating in online bets. Some of the online web portals which are performing well in this domain are,

Web PortalsBonuses
BetwayFree bet up to 4,000 INR
22Bet100% bonus up to 10,000 INR
Parimatch150% bonus up to 30,000 INR
10Cric150% bonus up to 32,000 INR
1XBet100% bonus up to 26,000 INR
Fun88300% bonus up to 10,000 INR
Bettilt370% bonus up to 44,000 INR
4raBet230% bonus up to 23,000 INR
CricBaba100% bonus up to 25,000 INR
LeonBetBonus up to 20,000 INR

Some betting strategies to be used before participating in a bet in case of a T20 match

  • There is a way to predict the projected score and manipulate your bets accordingly. We all know that T20 is a batter-dominating format, every player on the batting side wanted to take on the bowlers. There is a simple and convenient way to predict the total. In the first powerplay which is the first six overs of the match, there is a field restriction according to the rules only 2 fielders are to be kept outside the 30-yard circle. The batsman tends to enjoy this time and they generally go after the bowlers, take a close on the run rate and how the player goes about the game in the powerplay, and look for any wickets to be fallen. Because once the powerplay is over the batsman takes lesser risk. So, this whole scenario can help you to predict the score and take part in a suitable bet accordingly.
  • The second thing you can do is to check the composition of both teams. For doing this you can check various factors like the previous rivalry between the teams, the venue, and its capacity. Take note of how many batters are playing the game out of which how many are left-handed and right-handed batters. How many pace bowlers and spin bowlers are in each team out of which how many are off-spin or leg spin bowlers, learn about the fast bowlers. Once you get hold of all these stats you will be able to judge the match according to the player’s previous performances.
  • You should also check the pitch condition; the weather is a very important factor in the shorter format of the game. If the pitch is helpful for seamers, it is not always necessary that the game will be dominated by them. Few batters who love playing faster deliveries can also take the game to next level.
  • IPL has introduced a very critical factor in the game and that is two strategic time-outs in-game both teams are allowed to take one during the match the bowling team can take it from the 6th to the 9th over while the batting team have to take it between 13th to 16th over. Now, these two-time breaks easily break the momentum of the game for example if the batting team is going at a brisk pace during the powerplay the bowling team can take a strategic time out during the 6th over to break the tempo of the batting team. As a better, you can use this to your advantage and take participation in the bet accordingly.
  • Understanding the venue is a very important factor, such as Asian grounds are generally batter and spin favourite ground while if you go to Australia or S Africa you can expect more pace and bounce, England is known for pace and swing. Looking after all these factors you can carefully choose about placing your bets.

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Few Key points to keep in mind before betting

Before actually taking part in a betting contest, we want you to understand all these points thoroughly, which we will be discussing one by one.

  1. You have to keep in your mind that you always use a strategy and brain to keep all the emotions at bay. This is a common mistake committed by users as they tend to start winning in a betting competition, they raise their stakes and the habit of going all in also increases/ Same is the case when you start losing, we have said earlier we should not let our emotions to hijack our analytical abilities. We should always have a sense of control. It is well-automated on some platforms; we can also ask someone close to us to keep an eye on us while betting.
  2. The second most important thing you should be able to get to know the gameplay of different online web portals. Keep a close eye on the stakes and the environment of the betting. There are different kinds of cricket betting going on these days over the internet. One should thoroughly check the rule and regulations of the platform and understand the type of betting before actually going in deep.
  3. Now, if you have already participated in a cricket bet. Keep your eyes on the live streaming of the game. There is a very big number of live score websites. Take help to strategies better, and learn from cricketing experts. Keep on following the game even if you are not actively participating in the bet.
  4. To understand a portal better participate in trial bets. Do not invest your real money, practise a bit before going full throttle and be fully prepared for real bets.
  5. If you are here for a long run not just for fun or a one-timer. Keep evaluating your performance with time. When you analyse your performance, it will give you the necessary insights and this will help you to strategies better.
  6. You can also take advantage of the free bets and bonuses that are provided by betting web portals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can my success rate for online betting improve using cricket betting strategies?

Yes, there are good chances that you can improve your betting odds by using various cricketing bet strategies. If you use match prediction sites then it is wonderful. However, you need to understand that this is a game of luck also you cannot depend on your skills 100%. There are days when your strategies and luck combinedly can show you some amazing results and there is the time when they are not. Prediction is almost impossible even if you use the best strategies and predictions.

Q2. What can be the best winning mantra suggested?

Although there is no perfect mantra for winning you can increase the odds of your winning by following the sports online and through various sports websites. Understand the player better, their form and access the condition as well. In short, do your research before placing the bet. You should also keep an open eye for different online gaming portals, through betting stakes to understand the betting environment and other terms and conditions.

Q3. Is there any sure sort of betting strategy which can increase my winning percentage?

You have to understand the scenario of the betting environment and should pay special attention to the playing conditions, pitch, teams etc. Though there is no fixed strategy which can be used to increase your chances of winning. You have to analyse and access the situation well and understand the maximum odds which you can use in your favour.

Q4. What if I get indulged in the betting habit?

You need to decide what is your limit before fun and excitement turn into a habit and indulgence. You can decide not to bid and try some practising matches. All these leading platforms have some recommendations which you can use for not making it a habit.

In the end, we want to suggest you a final verdict that you need to analyse and access the gaming conditions. Do your research before placing the bets. You can follow some prediction websites. Luck can be the deciding factor in betting but you can turn it in your favour by using a good strategy.

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