10 Best Casino Web Portal In India, Mobile vs Browser Experience, Best Casino Games

Life has become a bit more comforting and happening with the introduction of technology in it, there are various things that we can imagine now just because technology has made it possible. Before the inception of the internet, communication and information are considered to be very tough to get and it requires a lot to communicate from one place to another and simply to dig out some information about anything be it a product or a service, comparing and sharing with everyone is considered to be very tough.

But, with the introduction of the internet in our lives information feeding and sharing has become so much easier. The user has become king again because it is easy to review any product or service on the internet every kind of information is available for free. This introduction is just to brief you about the impact of technology in our lives and later on I will show you how this introduction of energy has changed everything starting from our buying habits to our enjoyment or financial activities.

Like, due to the introduction of the internet, various e-commerce companies have launched their online platform and made everything possible online. The user just has to place an online order and it will be delivered to your doorsteps in your selected time slot. A similar thing goes for the education sector, there are various platforms available online from you can study whatever you want. Life is much easier on every front. When we talk about our enjoyment habits, they are also shifted online and made virtual so that the masses can take part in it and explore it at their convenience. I am talking about online gaming here; people love to play online games they are fun plus give you chance to earn some extra cash. In this blog, we will be strictly talking about casino games.

Earlier when we talk about casino games immediately, we picture liquor, an expensive place and a fun environment. The infrastructure of these places was not so strong and lots of people could not get access to enjoy it, because they were limited over some places. But, with the introduction of technology, many internet companies have successfully converted to a virtual environment and placed it over the internet in form of web portals and mobile applications. Users who want to explore the world of the casino can easily visit the URL provided by the company, register in the platform and start exploring it.

Best Casino Web Portal In India
10 Best Casino Web Portal In India, Mobile vs Browser Experience, Best Casino Games 13

Choosing a platform to play casino games

This can be a tricky question nowadays because there are a bunch of online platforms in the market, so it is always difficult to choose one before the others. We will try to mention all the possible criteria one should have before installing an application and registering to a platform. It has been seen that though there are various single dedicated platforms to play online casino games some of those platforms are mixed with online sports betting also. When a user digs the information about the platform, they need to be very cautious about a mentioned point. There is one benefit which I see is you can play online casino games and also place your bets on your favourite sports. Some most important points to look after before you register to an online casino game portal.

Security of the platform: Perhaps, the biggest concern of all is the security of the platform you are trying to register in All the fancy things that we have discussed till now about the introduction of technology into our life and its benefit. But we have not mentioned the precautions and awareness one should keep before sitting and exploring the internet or its related web portals and mobile application. Security can be the biggest threat when it comes to using these platforms, we are talking more specifically about internet security here.

A web platform is generally protected with a Secure Socket layer certificate or an SSL which is used to protect all the user’s data present in the web portal, including the data provided by the user during the registration process which can be confidential information. It protects the platform from hackers and internet viruses. Well, this is not the all because internet world and security threat in it is pretty big for the web portal or the mobile applications to be built with advanced and secure coding, and all the necessary security measures must be taken before building the platform.

Availability of legit information: When a user registers himself on a platform to play online casino, they just need to dig for some legal information about the web portal or the mobile application, Of course, this is more concerning when we are talking about web portals which also supports online sports betting. In that condition, the user has to be surer about the license number, terms and conditions, privacy policies etc. of the platform. This is also concerning when the user is willing to just play the casino games, how the money will be involved and you will use it while playing any casino games like blackjack, poker, slots etc.  

  • The web portal on which the user is getting registered has to be legit and for that, we will be guiding you to check this information on the website or internet reviews.
  • The availability of a license is a must to have when a web portal is getting involved in betting in a virtual casino environment. It must be protected under the authority of a government.
  • About Us or the company’s legit information is a must, because one should about the country of origin of the web platform and whether the company is involved in decent business or not, you can access all this information on the internet by reading various reviews about the website.
  • Terms and conditions and game rules must be clear and should be mentioned on a separate web page this is because a user has to be sure about them before playing the actual game on the platform. These things are also necessary because the user might end up in some sort of controversy during the game or within the portal in that condition one should know their rights.

A good user interface and good usability of the web portal: This also can be a very necessary condition for a user before getting registered on a platform to play casino games. A good interface is said to be when a new user landing on their platform finds no issue while interacting with different tabs and pages of the website. In this case, when a user hits the URL of that particular online casino website, they may be able to find the registration or login button easily. Also, there should be no problem while navigating different pages.

The colour palette of the web portal must be subtle and soothing, the website must not give the vibe of some shady business. This should be the case during the gameplay also, the options present during the actual game should be easily available and the same for every user. Now, let us talk about the most important thing users get easily annoyed with delays in deposit and withdrawal of money. The integration of the different payment gateway and every other protocol involved in the transaction of the money should be smooth and hassle-free.

Availability of bonuses and offers: A user always loves to be treated as something special and treated as a VIP without investing any more money on the portal. Many online web portals lure new customers by providing them with some amazing new sign-in bonuses and cashback offers. This may set the tone for the user if they are slightly inclined towards choosing a platform and when they see a good bonus, they may end up registering for that platform.

This goes with already registered users also, when they are greeted with time-to-time offers and bonuses, they are likely to become brand loyal and will continue using that platform.

Availability of good customer care support: This is perhaps one of the most important things a user wants to have in a web portal. Everyone likes to be heard, and when it is an online casino, we are talking about then things can go very seriously sometimes. Sometimes the user might have a problem while playing a casino game, or while interacting with the platform. In that situation, a good 24/7 customer care service is needed. These portals generally are global and are used at different places at different times therefore a customer care service needed that is available 24/7. Some portals are also coming with live chat options. A user can chat, mail or even call their concern and it takes 24 hours to get a satisfactory answer.

Famous games among Indians in online casino

While casino games are widely popular among the Indian audience and when we put real money in the prospect perhaps it becomes a more debatable topic. Indians enjoy playing all kinds of casino games but when we talk about the game of winning real money they focus on Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Blackjack and Roulette.

Teen Patti: Perhaps one of the most loved games of Indian Audiences it is like a national play card game for us Indians. You play this game head-to-head with the dealer. The game depends on the skill and experience of the player and you can enjoy this game as a beginner also by playing some practice hands. This game also comes up with various variations and a real player will also want to explore them.

Andar Bahar: This is perhaps the simplest and most thrilling of casino games which is very popular in India. All you need to do is place your bet on the game and see which side is dealt the matching Joker card. You can also place a side bet on the assumption of how many cards you think will be dealt before the Joker card appears. This game is played at a very fast pace and is comparatively very easy.

Blackjack: Blackjack is undoubtedly the number one casino game played around the world. The game is to be played with a live dealer. You need to be very skilful while playing this game, as a rookie you cannot join and play the game, you need to learn it first. This game is played against the dealer where you as a player want the dealer to exceed the value of 21. This is the most amazing and preferred game in real casinos also.

Roulette: This is one of the most popular casino games among Indians, the popularity of this game is so immense because of its simplicity. The ball will land on the numbered roulette wheel and if the guessed number is correct, we have our winner, this is easy, right?

We are not saying only these 4 games are dominantly played in an online casino. But these games are very popular among Indian users.

Best online web portals and mobile applications to play online casinos in India

As we are well aware by now that there are various mobile applications and web portals available in the market. We have examined different applications picked from the pool of mobile applications and tested them on the various parameters set by us to determine the best application to install for playing online casinos. Our different parameters are also shared with our readers so that if they want to test some other portal which we have failed to mention in this blog, then they will be able to do it.


Bonus 150% Up To ₹20,000

User Ratings (9815)

🏆 1405 people won In India on Parimatch yesterday


Welcome bonus on your 1st deposit up to 175882 INR+150FS.

User Ratings (9924)

🏆 14327 people won In India on Megapari yesterday

Welcome bonus on your 1st deposit up to 1,50,000 INR

User Ratings (10924)

🏆 15327 people won In India on BCGAME yesterday

Welcome Bonus Up to Rs. 4,50,000/- and 250 Free Spins

User Ratings (9924)

🏆 14327 people won In India on Pinup yesterday


Bonus 150% Up To ₹1,50,000

User Ratings (8301)

🏆 1184 people won In India on 9WINZ yesterday


100% Bonus up to ₹20,000

User Ratings (7504)

🏆 906 people won In India on 1xBet yesterday


200% Welcome Bonus on First Deposit

User Ratings (6282)

🏆 655 people won In India on Fun88 yesterday


Bonus 100% upto ₹1,00,000 + 40 free spins

User Ratings (8910)

🏆 1319 people won In India on 10Cric yesterday


Bonus 100% up to ₹10,000 + 20 Free Spins

User Ratings (7802)

🏆 1082 people won In India on Jackpot Guru yesterday


Bonus Up to ₹100,000 and 20 Free Spins!

User Ratings (8450)

🏆 1227 people won In India on Casibee yesterday


100% Deposit Bonus Up to ₹100,000

User Ratings (8539)

🏆 1304 people won In India on Big Baazi yesterday

Betway: This is majorly a sports betting web portal but many people also play online casinos on this app. Known for its secure outlook Betway is a true contender who delivers a flawless performance if a user uses this platform for online casino gaming or even for sports betting. This is a global platform known for sports betting and casino games among the Indian audience. The portal has also sighted potential in the Indian market and thus modified and presented its web portal according to Indian audiences.

Look and feel of the platform: You can click on the link to land directly on the live casino web portal https://bdbetway.com/en/live-casino. Note this link will open in the web browser of your mobile as well as on your laptop. The overall look of the web portal is satisfactory, they have used a green and black colour palette. If we talk about the accessibility and usability of the portal, it is amazing, we have faced no problem while navigating the different pages and using the different icons on the portal.

Downloading the mobile application: If you want to enjoy using this platform on your mobile phone you can download its mobile version from the official website. All you need to do is open up the browser on your mobile phone and type on it “download the mobile version of Betway” It will take you to the download section of the website from where you can download the latest version according to the specs of your mobile or tablet. After downloading just install the file, it might show a notification of potentially dangerous 3rd party software use. You have to neglect it and carry on with the installation.

Registering to the platform: You can easily register yourself as a new user on this platform. We are going to explain the registration via a web portal or desktop view. All you need to do is open the website through any of the supported browsers, once the website is completely loaded its home page will be displayed in front of you. Here you can find all the links for sports betting as well as playing online casino games. At the top right-hand corner in the header of the website, you will find the registration and sign-in option, as a new user you need to register first on the platform. This is only a one-time process and you do not need to register again you can simply log in.

When you click on the registration a pop-up or a new page will open in front of you, it will ask simple questions from you and you need to provide all the information to complete the registration.

Note: Once you complete filling out the registration form you will be able to sign in with the username and password, please do not share your credentials with anyone.

This sign-up process is the same for the mobile app also, after completing the registration you can add money to your wallet, when you add money to your wallet to play online casino games different payment options will be visible to you.

10Cric: This is also one of the topmost players who is running their online platform for sports betting and casino games. This is also a global platform that has specially designed or modified itself according to the needs of the Indian audience. This web portal is registered in Curacao which is an Island country and it was founded more than 10 years ago. As the name suggested this application is cricket-dominated, Cricket betting is very famous worldwide and especially among Indians this platform is also known for online casino games.

Look and feel of the platform: You can click on the link to land directly on the live casino web portal https://www.10cric10.com/. When you click on this link it will take you directly to the home page of the web portal. The first look of the website is awesome and they have used a minimalistic design they have used a black header with white highlights which looks classy on these types of websites. When we examined the website to check its interface and usability, we were very much satisfied with the way it works. The website interaction and navigation from one page to other were almost flawless. The website has worked a lot in its design and development, and the load time for both the app and the web portal was amazing.

Downloading the mobile application: This web portal can also be enjoyed with a dedicated mobile application. You can easily use your mobile or tablet web browser for downloading the app, you will not be able to find the app in the app stores because they promote gambling so you need to download it by simply typing “download 10cric mobile app” it will take you to a dedicated page of the desktop website, it will contain a scan QR code from where you can download and install the mobile app.

After downloading the mobile app, the file will get stored in your phone you need to install them. During the installation, it might show you some warning signs, but you need to ignore those warnings because it is getting installed by a third party. After completely installing it you can start your registration process.

Registering to the platform: We will show you how to register to the platform while using either your laptop or your mobile browser. You can easily locate the registration button which is generally at the top right-hand corner of the web portal and mobile application also. Once you click on that option a pop-up or a separate web page will be opened in front of you, which will guide you through the further registration process. Once you are done with the registration process you are successfully signed in to that portal.

if you registered through your laptop and now want to play online games through your mobile phone, all you have to do is sign in with the same user ID and password. Note: These credentials are very necessary and are routed towards your profile on the platform. The final step for the registration process will be depositing the money in your wallet, which can be done in just 1 click and you will be guided by so many payment options.

Casinodays: This is the only web portal in our list which is dedicatedly available for playing online casino games. Users who want to play online casino and does not want to deviate from sports betting can try this. The head office of Casinodays is in Curacao and this web application is founded recently in 2020. Indian people love to play online casino games and this has been sighted by various companies and that is how they have launched online casino applications.

Look and feel of the platform: The design of this web application is great; they have utilised a white and purple shade in their platform which is very classy. You can visit the portal by clicking on the URL https://casinodays.com/in/live-casino. When we talk about the design and build of the website it is great, we have no problem while moving through the webpages of their portal and when we click on any particular link it is responding accurately. If we talk about the load time of the website it was also according to the website norms decided about various international browsers. A user can also find the necessary legal as we scroll down the page. They have separate page links at the footer of the website.

If you need to play online casino games on this website you need to open it in your mobile web browser. Just open the website URL in the web browser and you are good to go. Playing games through a web browser also has that feeling that a dedicated mobile app provides.

Registering to the platform: If you have decided to play online casino games in this portal it is very easy to identify and locate the registration which is at the top right-hand corner of the website. Once you click on the sign-up page, a pop-up window will be opened which will ask you further necessary registration questions. You can easily deposit money in your wallet through many money depositing options.

Downloading and installing mobile version and the difference between the mobile application and mobile browser-based online gaming

Once a person gets addicted to casino games, they dedicate their most of time to playing them and exploring things about them. In today’s world most of the internet traffic is coming from mobile phones, people find it more convenient and easier to use. They can use it from anywhere and enjoy playing online games, these days the mobile network is pretty fast and the processor of mobile phones can easily handle the gameplay pretty well, although we recommend you to play on a stable network, not while you are moving.

In this context, the application building companies generally favour two modes where they have created a dedicated mobile app for their online games which you can easily download by just typing these keywords on your web browser “download .apk files for xyx”. You can download the .apk file for your mobile if that online casino web portal has released a dedicated mobile application that can run on Android and iOS platforms. Once the .apk file is downloaded onto your device you can install it by simply clicking on the downloaded link the whole folder will be unzipped in a secure location provided by you.

During the installation your device can show you a warning, that is because you are trying to instal a 3rd party app which was not present in the app or play store. The reason behind it that why this kind of application is not presented in the app or play store has already been explained in the blog. Once it stops installing the files a logo will appear on your device. Click on that logo and you are ready to enter the mobile application of that online gaming website. Now, let us understand the difference between a dedicated mobile application is different from mobile browsing of that website.

Mobile ViewBrowser View
Download: A separate download is required to enjoy the mobile application view. Some people find it much more convenient because every time opening your phone browser opens the URL and then the rest of the procedure can be lengthy and full of unnecessary hassle.Download: You do not need to download anything beyond a mobile web browser. Browser these days tends to store the cookies for a particular site, so you need not sign in again and again and go through the extra hassle. There is a major browser like Google Chrome and Safari that is used maximum the time.
One of the major disadvantages of this is that you need to have the mobile application on the device where you want to play the game. If the mobile application could not be installed on that particular device you cannot enjoy the benefits of the mobile application.You can open it on any mobile device, all you need is a supported mobile web browser. You can also save your credential details in the web browser to avoid problems in future, can also bookmark that link on the home page of the browser.
When you play online casino games in the mobile application it is guaranteed to be optimised according to the phone. Optimised means everything will be according to the phone it is being used every icon, and pop-up will be according to the mobile screen.Although most of the web portals support web browsers on mobile and are optimised according to the screen of the device, it is guaranteed that you will always have a fit view.
  With mobile applications, you need to have regular updates, which are guaranteed by the operators these days.  You do need not to update it.              

Some tips to play casino games more responsibly

With the ease being introduced by the virtual gaming environment some players tend to bet with some emotions attached to it. Playing casino games with full-on emotions attached can be dangerous most of the time because ease has been brought into the game by technology and now anyone can register to the web portal and play the virtual online game. Since most of the players do play these games for fun and add on cash, they can earn by testing their luck and skills. But, most of the players are not so strategic while they play the game and they bet their hard earn money just on luck without having proper knowledge of the game and they tend to lose their money, here are some tips for you that should adhere to while playing online casino games. I am sure there are more ways in which you can bring control to your game-playing.

Do not get addicted to any game: Some user has a habit to utilise most of their time playing online games. This will hamper most of the important things in your life like your health when you play for long hours it is not just your pocket who is taking the toll but your body and health are also getting affected. According to a recent study when you invest most of your time playing online games your creativity and analytical skillset tend to decrease you might develop problems in your backbone and eyes after long sitting. Addiction to the game not only adversely affects your health but will also burn your pockets.

Use only Wi-Fi and 4G connection: We recommend you enjoy playing online casino games only when you have a secure Wi-Fi or 4G connection. On a weaker network connection, it might be possible the game can get stuck during the middle of a big pot or a big bet, God forbid if you are on the winning side in that game, it will hit you even more.

Be responsible while you bet: When a user joins an online poker platform, they should set the limits of betting before playing. A tip for you, instead of making one large bet you should test your luck by making smaller bets. In this way you can get used to the platform by playing for a longer duration and in turn may earn more money. When you lose some game instead of betting on another game with your emotions behind it be more logical about it, just stop playing if your luck is not favouring that day. You can also take the help of your friends to keep a check on you. Some online programs are also run to control betting issues.

Be more responsible for your mobile or laptop: You may be enjoying a casino game on your phone or maybe on your laptop. While playing for a longer session keep a check on the device battery, as the battery consumed by these portals is much more than you expect because they are continuously using your 4G or Wi-Fi and these games utilise heavy JavaScript files that run in the background and consume more power. Avoid using your phone for playing games when you are charging it same goes for your laptop, so we suggest you keep a check on the health of your device battery, it might be possible that someday when you are in mid of a long pot the battery may die.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do all casino apps pay real money?

I’m very much confident that not all the casino apps which are in the market pay money. There are some fraudsters also and we need to beware of them with our money and time. There are so many applications which claim to provide real money while playing different casino games. We have provided much information to our users to distinguish a fake platform from a legit one.

Q2. How do we know which application to register for and be used for playing online casino games?

As is already mentioned that there are so many portals available in the market which feels legit and claim to provide real money while playing casino games. There are simple listings which needed to be checked before you register to any of the apps. We have mentioned all those categories in detail in this blog though we will summarize them here also,
1. Security of the web portal or mobile application.
2. Availability of legit information. The web portal must display all the information that makes them legit like About Us information, security, terms and conditions etc.
3. A good website or mobile application interface with good usability.
4. Availability of good customer care support.
5. Bonuses and offers.

Q3. How to download and install a casino mobile app?

It has been seen that because of casino mobile application money and gambling type of services so you cannot find them directly in the Android play store or iOS app store. To get the mobile application for these casino websites you need to open your web browser and type download the .apk file for the Android or iOS portal whichever smartphone you are using. The official website will have the download link for that particular application. By clicking on it you will automatically download it to your mobile phone.
To install it again click on the downloaded .apk file, your system may prompt a warning that it will be unsafe to install a 3rd party software, you can ignore that warning and continue installing that .apk file. Once installed a logo will appear automatically on your mobile and on clicking that logo you can visit the mobile application of that platform. The mobile application will be regularly updated by the operator and you will be notified on the app itself.

Q4. Do casino apps provide different money withdrawing options on their portals?

A casino web portal or mobile application might provide you with different payment options while depositing money in the wallet to play casino games. All these websites are looking forward to Indian audiences and they had already sighted the potential of the Indian public so they trying to build their platforms supporting Indian users. As we know UPI payments in India are very popular due to ease and availability on smartphones so, these platforms try to provide various payment methods in their portal like UPI, Net Banking, and Card Transfer (Mastercard and VISA) and some of them also provide cryptocurrency.

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